Journaling to lose weight success - Barbeelove Fitness

Journaling to lose weight success - Barbeelove Fitness


One way some people can continue to keep how much �under control� is usually to become to blame for precisely what they are doing. There are numerous approaches to make this happen, and one really efficient that does not cost expensive is the easy art of JOURNALING. Start by ordering a smaller or medium size note book, an expensive leather bound journal, And all you techies�you can use an application!


Below Mentioned my personal favorite app I prefer in my iPad, the other I prefer on my own Samsung Galaxy phone (Android). Apps these days are extremely cool, you can pictures, videos, locations, privacy lock codes, etc.

Why do you use a journal? Listing things help keep you on track, you actually SEE whatever you have and have not been doing according to your objectives. You should begin your journal by documenting what your goals are, long lasting and short-run.

Break down your long term goals into temporary goals. Then ACTUALLY incorporate those goals into your permanent schedule each day, week, month:

I am about to lose 50 lbs by December 31, 2014
My goal is to lose approximately 8.5 lbs month after month
My goal is to lose approximately 2.2 lbs every week

I am about to run 24 miles month after month
I am going to run 6 miles per week
I will run 2 miles on M, W, and F in the evening

Take note of your lasting and short-run goals

Put your grocery shopping within your schedule permanently on the favorite day. Choose two days and periods for doing your food prep and set it within your schedule permanently. Don't let almost anything to get in the way of such days and times, they're important to business energy.

Take note of what you're eating and exactly how much exercising you are doing each day�be HONEST on your own even if you deviated from your meal plan. This can be used food journaling so that you can be also to blame for what you are or aren�t doing to be a success.

Take note of ANYTIME you feel a craving beginning or simply wish to deviate from the diet plan. For the reason that moment, STOP�write down what you are saying to yourself to sabotage your meals plan. Write it down BEFORE you consume the unhealthy food. Sit with whatever feelings you're having and also experience them rather than masking these with food. (I really want you to check back after many months entries and discover if you find a pattern of a certain type of behavior).

Take note of anything about how exactly you are feeling at anytime.

Jot down when you find yourself feeling for your lowest each day. Say why/what/who made you are feeling this way�even if it was YOU.

Write down if you are feeling your best every day. Say why/what/who was involved with causing you to feel happy regardless of whether it was YOU.

Make this happen EVERYDAY.

At the conclusion of each day/week/month check off anything you have accomplished. Every month you'll soon notice that you might be closer and closer towards reaching weight loss goals. Every month you will keep breaking bad habits and improving your good habits.

Don't forget this: That which you Have already been DOING During the past Will not be In your favor, And that means you MUST CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR YOU WILL KEEP GETTING THE RESULTS You've been GETTING.


Weight loss is more of a MENTAL CHALLENGE than a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. Journaling helps you to knock out your mental challenges.
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